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Sportsbook.ag Horse Betting

Sportsbook.ag is one of the leading online racebooks due to solid customer support, unique promotions and the integrity of their wagering services. They boast 128-bit encryption throughout their online betting architecture while preventing unscrupulous behaviour through their ‘know your customer’ program, which deters abuse of individual members and the system as a whole.


"Because of Sportsbook.ag's daily rebates, you can bet the favorites at low odds and get a better return than betting at the track." - G. Stellin

Sportsbook.ag Racebook: In a Nutshell
  • Matching Bonus – Get a 100% matching bonus in your first Sportsbook.ag Racebook wager, on any amount from $1 to $50!

  • Race of the Day – Double your winninns and win up to an additional $25 for placing a bet on the selected Race of the Day!

  • Race of the Week – Double your winnings and win up to an additional $100 for placing a wager on the selected Race of the Week.

Review of Horse Betting at Sportsbook.ag

Online wagering is the most significant thing to happen for horse racing fans since the introduction of telephone wagering 30 years ago. But not all racebooks are created equal, and it has become clear the best ones offer great customer service, easy and secure deposits and payouts, and bonus programs that pay better than track odds. Here are some of the features at Sportsbook.ag.

  • Customer Service

    In addition to providing secure, user-friendly betting services, Sportsbook.ag goes out of their way to provide a great customer experience for all their players. A variety of statistics, including win rates, starts and return on investment, await those who visit their statistics center – a service that helps all players gain insight into upcoming events. Customer service representatives are available around the clock, including live chat programs that rapidly connect you to assisstence. An in-depth information section clearly describes all the details of using the site, including how to qualify for promotions and the types of payouts available at different tracks.

  • Deposit & Payout Options

    Sportsbook.ag features a secure deposit system that rapidly moves funds into your account after your documentation has been verified. Minimum deposits for VISA, cash transfers and eWallets are $25.00 while maximum deposits are typically $1,000 per day. Payout plans depend on the classification of the track that hosts the race. For example, maximum bets for Class D tracks are $250 and Class E tracks have a maximum bet of $100, capping winnings according to these wager limits. Overall maximum payouts are $20,000 for Class A tracks, $15,000 for Class B, $5,000 for Class C, $3,000 for Class D and $1,000 for Class E.

  • Thoroughbred Horse Betting Odds

    Win, place and show bets always receive the same odds that you find at the track. Exotic bet lines are determined according to the five different classifications. Class A and Class B tracks offer the best odds for exotics while Class C, D and E tracks set the odds for exotics at 300-1. However, when you consider the different bonuses and promotions offered by Sportsbook.ag, players end up getting odds that are better than the track. Daily rebates that range from 3% to 8%, also dependent on the type of wager and track, end up tilting the odds closer to your favor, especially over an extended period of time.

Sportsbook.ag offers a... ...100% bonus on your 1st Racebook Wager! Make a maximum wager of $50 and get your matching bonus instantly! Deposit & Claim Bonus!