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BetOnline Racebook Review

BetOnline is known for their wide range of sportsbetting and gaming options, and when it comes to horse racing, they’re out in front in terms not only giving the handicapper the chance to get bets down on all the best tracks and races, but providing more handicapping tools than most other online betting sites.

When someone asks me about betting on horses, I send them to BetOnline - T. Walker

BetOnline Racebook: In a Nutshell
  • One-Level Rebates – While other sites offer different rebate amounts for different race wagers, BetOnline gives 7% on every wager type.

  • Risk-Free Bet – Get up to $25 back on your first BetOnline racebook wager, to be used for a Free Play on a future bet.

  • Indepth Racing Info – Starting lineups and handicapping comments and tips on selected races throughout the week.

BetOnline Racebook Features

Open BetOnline, and you’ll likely notice right away that it’s one of the more appealing sites around, with easy navigation and a layout that makes sense. Once you get into it, however, it’s the attention to the horseplayer that will probably most impress, including their racing promotions and handicapping information.

  • One Rebate Rate

    When you’re handicapping a race, you shouldn’t have to be considering how your bet type is going to benefit from a rebate amount, and at BetOnline, you don’t have to. Many online racebooks offer two different levels of rebates if the bet is a straight wager or an exotic, but BetOnline gives a daily rebate of 7% on all bet types, Win, Place or Show, or the exotics like quinellas, trifectas or Pick 3s. So fill out your bet slip the way you want, it’s all the same to Betonline.

  • Mobile Betting

    The world has gone mobile, and BetOnline lets you take the racing action with you, no matter where you are. Signing up online takes three quick steps, and there’s live chat available 24/7 to answer any questions that you have. To sweeten the pot, BetOnline will give you up to $50 in Free Play if your first mobile bet loses.

  • Horse Betting Tips

    One sign that BetOnline pays attention to horseplayers is that they are one of the few online racebooks that enlists an in-house handicapper, who provides regular analysis on major races of the day, and extensive coverage of big events like the Triple Crown and Breeders’ Cup. For new handicappers, BetOnline lays out all the various wager types that can be made, explains racing terms, and gives tips on what goes into a solid handicapping strategy.

BetOnline offers a... ...$25 Risk-Free Bet on your 1st wager! Make a maximum bet of up to $25 and get it all back if it doesn't win! Bet & Claim Bonus!